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Easily Deploy & Manage Any Asset over IoT Cloud

For Busi​nesses That Rely On Connected Infrastructure for

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    Asset Monetization
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    Resource Optimization
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    Object Tracking
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    Sensor Data Gathering

Introducing XaaSense®



A Generic App Framework To Deploy Every"Thing" & Any"Thing" As A Service Over Cloud For Managing All Your Connected Assets  

XaaSense Concept

Your Assets , Your Cloud Subscription, Your Data

orchestrated via

XaaSense® App Bundle

Accelerate IoT Deployment With XaaSense®

Device Interface

XaaSense® is hardware agnostic. Build your own IoT endpoint or use our  hardware reference architecture for IoT datalogger, well suited for both indoor & outdoor applications.

User Interface

Build your own User Interfaces & apps and access the devices via XaaSense®. Keep an hawk eye on your assets and notify any anomalies.


Note: User Interface is not part of XaaSense®.

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Out Of The Box Features

Reduce Development & Deployment Time


 Months to Days 

Ready To Deploy

Instant deployment & launch with just a few steps. Supports popular PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) Cloud Services.  

Pre-Built Generic Services

All the essential IoT management services baked right in. Just install, configure and connect your assets. You are all set!

Standard Interfaces and Protocols

Supports widely used open standards and protocols. Quick configuration for connecting remote dashboard, mobile apps and third party services. 

Expedite Application Launch

Reduce application launch timelines from months to days. All round focus on business use case. Support from pre-deployment to launch phase and beyond.

Ready To Deploy

Ready To Deploy Application Framework For Managing Remote Assets

Asset Monitoring

Asset Monitoring

Multi-Mode Communication


Utilization Reports




Remote Control


Asset Monetization

Available As Instant Deploy Cloud Bundle


Major PaaS Offerings


Amazon Web Services

IBM Cloud

(Coming Soon)

Google Cloud

(Coming Soon)

Pre-Built Generic Services

All The Essential IoT Services, Fully Baked In  

Just attach the IoT endpoints to your assets and configure them to access the XaaSense® services 

XaaSense IoT Services

Standard Interfaces & Protocols

Application Protocols

XaaSense® supports the standard HTTP/REST and MQTT protocols for communicating with devices, apps and third party services over the Internet. 

Sensor Network

XaaSense® supports a wide variety of sensor networks ranging from the traditional Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM/GPRS to the latest LPWAN technologies. It is agnostic to network interface.  

Secured Communication

XaaSense® totally leverages the security layers supported by the host PaaS service. At a bare minimum, all interfaces are supported by OAuth2 based authentication and SSL based encryption

Expedite Application Launch

Jumpstart Your IoT Cloud Application Instantly

Focus On Use Case And Get Past The Hassles Of Configuring A Standard PaaS Cloud  


  • IoT Service Deployment within 10 mins. PERIOD.
  • Integration with hardware and UI within no time
  • Supports flexible IoT device and management topology
  • All round support for deployment and integration

Standard PaaS Cloud

  • Deployment extending into weeks.
  • Additional configuration for integration
  • Additional effort for building extended features
  • No support for deployment and integration. Only support available is for IoT service configuration.

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